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Witchery \Witch"er*y\, n.; pl. Witcheries.
Sorcery; enchantment; witchcraft. [1913 Webster] Great Comus, Deep skilled in all his mother's witcheries. --Milton. [1913 Webster] A woman infamous . . . for witcheries. --Sir W. Scott. [1913 Webster]
Fascination; irresistible influence; enchantment. [1913 Webster] He never felt The witchery of the soft blue sky. --Wordsworth. [1913 Webster] The dear, dear witchery of song. --Bryant. [1913 Webster]

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witchery n : the art of sorcery [syn: witchcraft]


Witchery is a Swedish thrash metal band, formed by former members of Satanic Slaughter in 1997.
Begun in 1997 when their cult band Satanic Slaughter splintered, Witchery started as guitarists Patrik Jensen (The Haunted) and Richard Corpse, vocalist Toxine, drummer Mique, and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy, Mercyful Fate). In 1998 they recorded and released their debut, Restless And Dead by Necropolis Records. Later that year, Witchery released the Witchburner minialbum. The EP featured two originals and four cover songs bearing witness to the individual musicians’ influences. In 1999, Witchery embarked on a U.S. tour with Emperor and Borknagar. Their second full-length album Dead, Hot and Ready was unleashed soon thereafter, and a six-week early 2000 European tour followed. Symphony For The Devil, the band’s 2001 release, was recorded at Berno Studio (Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral) Malmö, Sweden with new skinsman, Martin “Axe” Axenrot (Bloodbath, Opeth). Witchery returned to tour North America later that year with The Haunted. Returning to Berno Studios in 2004, the band recorded Don’t Fear The Reaper, this time entrusting mixing duties to Tue Madsen and his Antfarm Studios (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Himsa). After recording the album, the band signed a worldwide record deal with Century Media.


Restless & Dead - Necropolis (1998)
  1. The Reaper
  2. Witchery
  3. Midnight at the Graveyard
  4. The Hangman
  5. Awaiting the Exorcist
  6. All Evil
  7. House of Raining Blood
  8. Into Purgatory
  9. Born in the Night
  10. Restless & Dead
Witchburner EP - Necropolis (1999)
  1. Fast As A Shark (Accept cover)
  2. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover)
    • Originally released on the W.A.S.P. album.
  3. Riding on the Wind (Judas Priest cover)
  4. Neon Knights (Black Sabbath cover)
  5. The Howling
  6. The Executioner
  7. Witchburner
Dead, Hot And Ready - Necropolis (1999)
  1. Demonication
  2. A Paler Shade of Death
  3. The Guillotine
  4. Resurrection
  5. Full Moon
  6. The Devil and the Damage Done
  7. Dead, Hot, and Ready
  8. The Devil's Triangle
  9. Call of the Coven
  10. On a Black Horse Thru Hell
Symphony For The Devil - Necropolis (2001)
  1. The Storm
  2. Unholy Wars
  3. Inquisition
  4. Omens
  5. Bone Mill
  6. None Buried Deeper...
  7. Wicked
  8. Called For By Death
  9. Hearse of the Pharaohs
  10. Shallow Grave
  11. Enshrined
  12. The One Within
Don't Fear The Reaper - Century Media (2006)
  1. Disturbing the Beast
  2. Stigmatized
  3. Draw Blood
  4. The Ritual
  5. Ashes
  6. Plague Rider
  7. Damned in Hell
  8. Crossfixation
  9. The Wait of the Pyramids
  10. Immortal Death
  11. Styx
  12. War Piece
  13. Cannon Fodder
  14. Legion of Hades
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